Melodical Musings: SelloRekT /LA Dreams

Connecting design with music has been an old tradition from days gone by, We have the ability has nothing but love for the melodical, particularly of the synthwave kind. What better way to get to know more about music than to get in touch with some of the great artists responsible for producing it.

There is one artist on the synthwave scene who is known for consistently putting out A-Game tracks each time, SelloRekT /LA Dreams, has the magical ability to create music that not only sounds great each outing but also tugs at your happy strings:

Describe what you want your music to do others?

I want my music to reach the masses in a way that makes them remember of times past.
A time where we had fewer worries and dreamed bigger.

When was the exact moment that sparked the thought that music was the direction for your career?

The moment that sparked the thought of me doing music must’ve been around 10 years old when my bother and I would often listen to the radio and pretend we were in the bands.

What influences in your life contribute to your creative process?

The artists that influenced my creative process were quite a few. Artists from Andy Warhol, Depeche Mode, Duran Duran, Herbie Hancock, Max Headroom, Art of Noise, Suzanne Ciani, watching Saturday morning cartoons to many movies such as E.T., The Neverending Story, Streets Of Fire, Pretty In Pink, Plains Trains and Automobiles. TV shows and commercials such as Kid’s Incorporated, AirWolf, StreetHawk, Punky Brewster, Miami Vice. the list goes on and on and on.

Who in the genre at the moment do you think is nailing it?

The artists currently in Synthwave that think is nailing it has to be Sunglasses Kid, and Le Cassette.

Do you think commercial success is a positive thing or do you think keeping it under the radar keeps the artist aspect of the music?

I think commercial success is very important in the area of getting our music to the masses, and getting the exposure to more people who are searching for this specific style or genre.

What song would you consider to be your life theme?

If I had to choose one song as my life theme, I would have to go with “Le Parc’ of Tangerine Dream.


You can find more SelloRekT /LA Dreams over at his Soundcloud and Bandcamp.

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