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Connecting design with music has been an old tradition from days gone by, We have the ability has nothing but love for the melodical, particularly of the synthwave kind. What better way to get to know more about music than to get in touch with some of the great artists responsible for producing it.

Having dropped his album “How Lucky” towards the end of the year Risonam, has quickly gained a spot at being the most funkiest guy to get his hands on the synth, we look forward to jam more from him in the future.


Describe what you want your music to do others?

For the most part, I just want people to tap their feet or bob their head. The moods and tones I create are inspired by reminiscence, and thinking back about a certain time and place with mixed vibes. Therefore, I think the music can be interpreted by many on how to receive it, especially since its instrumental. The first album I released, the goal I wanted for listeners was to lay down and dance to it, meaning I want the experience to be something people can groove along to, and also just hang out. 


When was the exact moment that sparked the thought that music was the direction for your career?

I’m not entirely sure music will be my career, but it’s going to always be in the background of my life. Producing is my meditative escape; anything goes. One of the first times I produced a track, I had some serious goosebumps from a chord I struck and the atmosphere it created. Even if they’re for recreational purposes, I’m going to keep chasing those chords.


What influences in your life contribute to your creative process?

Admiring the work of other artists, and observing work flow of successful people, I am reminded not to be exactly like someone else. Balance is my main goal. I know that keeping a solid routine (no matter how lazy/active it may be) is my key to finding new inspiration in what I do, and creating a soundscape that still feels fresh.


What is it about this particular music genre that keeps you inspired to create more?

I love the style, the energy, and the crowd it attracts. The genre as a whole is so broad and advanced now, I think its safe to try new things within it, and thats what I strive to do. Mixing acoustic sounds with digital/analog hardware has an ever changing sound, and I love that idea. A retro theme with modern influences is such a forward-thinking way to progress a genre. Whatever is happening with the synthwave/retrowave scene, I think it’s in good health.

Who in the genre at the moment do you think is nailing it?

There are tons of fresh artists on the synthwave scene who are doing everything right. People like Ʌbelard, Childhood, Mitch Murder, Windows彡96, HOME, and Soliterre are making all the right moves in their own unique direction while maintaining the wholesome goodness of the synthwave style.

Do you think commercial success is a positive thing or do you think keeping it under the radar keeps the artist aspect of the music?

Under the radar would keep the integrity of the music and what the artist wants best for it. Commercial success is the rest of the cake, being able to say “Hey ma! I’m on the TV” so they understand why I’m stuffed up in the studio for hours at a time.

What song would you consider to be your life theme?

Life theme: Wild Nothing – A Dancing Shell

Final words:

I’ve got a 5 track EP titled HEARTWEIGHT due out at the end of July 2017. Stay tuned to Keats Collective for an announcement/following updates.

You can find more Risonam over at his Soundcloud and Bandcamp.

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