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Connecting design with music has been an old tradition from days gone by, We have the ability has nothing but love for the melodical, particularly of the synthwave kind. What better way to get to know more about music than to get in touch with some of the great artists responsible for producing it.

Nothing can make one feel ever so nostalgic for an era that they were just in diapers and crawling, than Timecop1983, full of drama and atmosphere yet still has that john hughes vibe to neatly package it right into your audio waves:

Describe what you want your music to do others?

I try to create a feeling of nostalgia, to take them back to a time where they didn’t have to worry about problems in life, I want to create a sort of escape out of everyday life and where they can dream away.

When was the exact moment that sparked the thought that music was the direction for your career?

I started making music when I was 12. A friend of mine gave me some floppy disks with Scream Tracker which I installed on my computer. I didn’t have any musical background, so I didn’t know what I was doing in the beginning, but I liked it so much I kept playing with it and slowly I started learning to create melodies and all kinds of music, ranging from classical music to chiptune. As I grew older I started using different software to make music and I bought a hardware synthesizer (or workstation), the Yamaha RM1x.
I kept fooling around and was working on music a lot, but over a period of 10 years I think I finished 5 songs or so. There well literally hundreds of ideas of all kinds of music on my computer. It wasn’t really going anywhere because I didn’t finish much. So one day I thought to myself; “either I’m going to focus on one kind of music or I’m going to stop making music.”. I wanted to continue, but I didn’t know what genre. I listened to a lot of electro and dance at the time, like Boys Noize, Justice and Dr. Lektroluv, but I just couldn’t get that “French house” sound and I was about to give up. That’s when I heard Kavinsky for the first time and not much later parts of the soundtrack of Drive (2011). That’s when I got hooked to 80’s inspired music.
So I decided this was going to be my last chance in creating music and started experimenting with that kind of sound. I got obsessed with the genre and I was deconstructing all retro songs in my head when I heard them to learn what the key elements of the genre were.  After a lot of experimenting I completed my first full song in about a year and called it “Childhood Memories” and Timecop1983 was born.

What influences in your life contribute to your creative process?

Usually when I listen to a lot of Synthwave music I get into a flow and ideas start pouring out. Especially The Midnight, FM-84 and the works of Johnny Jewel always get me in that mood. But over the last few months I have been struggling with a very very bad writers block. I hated everything I did and didn’t have inspiration to work on anything other then some endless noodling. Luckily I am getting back on track, slowly but steadily and I have started working on a new EP (Lovers – Part II).

What is it about this particular music genre that keeps you inspired to create more?

Of course I like the genre a lot and try to keep up with everything that is happening in the scene which inspires me to create new music myself. But the most important reason, I know it sounds cheesey, is all the positive response I get to my music. To this day i cannot believe so many people like my music. It was never my dream to become a musician or anything, but I am amazed how many people like my music and follow me. This inspires me to keep creating new music.

Who in the genre at the moment do you think is nailing it?

I am a huge fan of The Midnight. Their album Endless Summer has exactly the sound I want i my music. They give me a really very warm, nostalgic feeling and I just love Tyler’s voice!

Do you think commercial success is a positive thing or do you think keeping it under the radar keeps the artist aspect of the music?

I don’t think commercial success is a bad thing at all. If people put their soul into their work i think they deserve to benefit from that if the public wants to hear it. But the downside of being commercial are the big record labels that are behind it. They often force people to create something, because they have a contract. This kills creativity.

What song would you consider to be your life theme?

Hehe, I don’t think I have a life theme song… I have my favourite songs, but they change pretty often and I wouldn’t consider those my life songs…

You can find more Timecop1983 over at his SoundcloudBandcamp and Facebook


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